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National Voter Registration Day

22 Aug 2018 1:07 AM | Kathy Clark (Administrator)

Mid-term elections are just as important as Presidential election years, none more so important as this year’s mid-terms in Florida.  There are numerous judicial races in Palm Beach County involving some of Cunningham Bar’s members, as featured in our weekly e-newsletter.  In addition to these races, there is the critical race for Governor, the winner getting to appoint three Supreme Court Justices, given the mandatory retirement of Justices Quince, Pariente, and  Lewis.  I cannot think of a more crucial election in Florida.  As Chair of CBA’s Public Service Committee, I am imploring you to not only ensure you vote this election, but encourage others in your community to do so as well. 

 In celebration of the right to vote, which we can all agree needs to be cherished by taking action at the voting booth, is National Voter Registration Day, which falls on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.   Last year the Cunningham Bar Association teamed up with the League of Women Voters, and registered students at Keiser University.  This year, the Palm Beach County School District needs help to register students to vote on September 25.  I have attached the flyer with more details.  Please consider volunteering for this meaningful effort. 

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