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The F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association, is a voluntary bar association located in Palm Beach County. In the late 1970’s a group of Black attorneys from West Palm Beach began meeting informally on a monthly basis at a local restaurant. Among them were the Honorable Edward Rodgers, the Honorable Catherine Brunson, the Honorable Moses Baker, William Holland, T.J. Cunningham, Sr., F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. to name a few. Because of the positive impact Frank Malcolm Cunningham had as a member of the organization and in the community, after his death in 1978 the organization was formally named F. Malcolm Cunningham Sr., Bar Association.


FMCBA 2019-20 Executive Board

Board Members Front row: (l to r) Jason McIntosh, Immediate-Past President, Danielle Sherriff, President, Hershley Ogé, President-Elect, and Carla Erskine Secretary.  Back row:  (l to r) Judge Cymonie Rowe, Judicial Advisor, David Prather, Advisor and Cheo Reid, Treasurer.  


   Danielle Sherriff, Esquire 

When I think about what being a lawyer means to me, what this organization represents, and the vision of  F. Malcolm Cunningham Sr. and the other founding members of this organization, it all comes down to service to our community and leading by example. How do we give back? How do we lead?  How do we continue to build upon the strong foundation and legacy left by those who came before us?  This year, FMCBA’s mission will be focused on a community-integrated advocacy approach.  Quite simply, our board and our members will be visible and active in the community that we serve, both in the Black community and the community at-large.  We will look to join and collaborate with other organizations providing essential services in our local community, to join in the work that they do, and to provide those organizations and the groups they serve with additional hands on-deck, as well as examples of strong, positive Black role models throughout the broader community.  We will serve by contributing our legal knowledge and skills, by connecting those groups with additional support and resources, and by advocating for the things they need on the ground level.  We will be boots on the ground, firmly rooted in the community.  Let’s get to work!

Danielle Sherriff, President

F. Malcolm Cunningham Sr., Bar Association


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